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Discover When Science Meets Art: The PD-1 Era

Published November 17, 2015


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Host: Dr. Michael Smylie MD, FRCPC
Speaker: Dr. Marcus Butler MD, FRCPC

*Based on a Symposium presented at the 19th Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Canada Oncology Group (ACOG), June 2015

Given the success of the symposium, which featured Dr. Robyn Macfarlane (Host) and Dr. Marcus Butler (Guest Speaker), the Canadian Oncology Societies wishes to share the learnings of this session with all the Canadian oncology healthcare professionals.

This online, discussion-based presentation features Canadian experts in the treatment of metastatic melanoma: Dr. Michael Smylie (Chair, in place of Dr. Macfarlane, who could not participate) and Dr. Marcus Butler (Guest speaker) navigate through the latest data on the treatment of melanoma, and discuss the clinical implications and how best to integrate the findings into clinical practice.

The first objective of the program is to define and explain the immunological oncology of PD-1 checkpoint inhibition and the role of PD-1 inhibitors in cancer treatment.

The second objective addresses the issues of clinical practice, by identifying the place in therapy of PD-1 inhibitors in the treatment algorithm of metastatic melanoma.

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